Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just Like Honey

The Jesus and Mary Chain; Sam Roberts Band
@ Webster Hall
New York, NY - May 21, 2007

One of the great unsung bands of the 80's, the Scottish clan known as the Jesus and Mary Chain reunited this year. Armed with a melodic, melancholy taste for ethereal pop-rock, the boys began their return at Coachella and next found their way to the eclectic confines of New York's Webster Hall. A wide-ranging crowd of artisans and yuppies welcomed the JAMC with open arms and the band did not disappoint. At Coachella, Scarlett Johansson sang "Just Like Honey" with the band and from a distance, last night, it seemed it was her again but alas it was a member of the Comas (who are opening for the JAMC on night 2).
Openers the Sam Roberts Band, from Montreal (there was a "scene" that died off pretty quickly eh?), fit along the Oasis-Radiohead mold of driving, lumbering power-pop. That kind of sound can go either way in a big fashion but in this case, they hit the mark more often than they missed.

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