Sunday, February 18, 2007

Well Gee, Guess Which Band Gets Reviewed Today...

The Dirtbombs; Tiny Masters of Today; Boy/Girl
Hoboken, NJ - February 16, 2007

For a change, I hung out in back (and helped protect the merch from being swiped). In exchange for my efforts, I avoided a mosher asshole (who Mick Collins promptly chided) and I was able to hear the band clearly and crisply. To really appreciate the Dirtbombs' two-bass attack, check them out at Maxwell's in the back. You can feel it. The end featured Mick and Troy switching places with Ben and Pat. It seemed like a totally different band. Especially with Ben looking like a mountain man. Though Ben did the singing and the shakin' around, it was Pat who exuded top quality frontman coolness. Not to mention, the man just looks good with standing in front of a mic with an axe strapped to him. Also, that was the darkest version of "Land of 1,000 Dances" I've ever heard.
The opening bands - sorry to say - horrible. Boy/Girl was noise. Tiny Masters of Today weren't that bad - and they are kids still learning their way (yes, there is more than one two-kid, dad-on-drums trio out there) but the highlight for me was the unexpected cover of House of Pain's "Jump Around".

Finally - I have a message for drunk Pete. You seem like a nice guy and all, but wisen up. If you attend one more show - Maxwell's or elsewhere - and you stage crash again - I am going to...I don't know. Just stop doing it. Got it?

The Dirtbombs; Dirty Excuse; The A-Bones
Brooklyn,NY - February 17, 2007

Night 2, the Dirtbombs were straight up solid. Solid, solid, solid. maybe the best I've ever heard them. We didn't even have a requisite Mick opening-riff snafu. It was perfect, flawless - from beginning to end.
In contrast to night 1, the opening acts were AMAZING. Dirty Excuse were straight-up classic rock infused with the hooks and riffs they need. The A-Bones are Rockabilly. Pure rockabilly. And that means, a pure good time. The fact that they are from Brooklyn makes them all the more amazing.

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At February 19, 2007 at 11:12:00 AM EST, Anonymous Jimmy said...

Tiny Masters drummer is the guy from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


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