Sunday, November 29, 2015

80 - "What's Old Is Me..and Maybe to You"

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The Rezillos - "Top of the Pops"
Fast Cars - "The Kids Just Wanna Dance"
Flesh Eaters - "Pray Til You Sweat"
The Dicks - "Off-Duty Sailor"
Champs - "Tequila"*
Bad Brains - "Fearless Vampire Killers"
The Weirdos - "We Got the Neutron Bomb"
Discharge - "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing"
The Pretenders - "Tattooed Love Boys"
The Adicts - "Viva La Revolution"
The BellRays - "Blue Blue Blue"
The Pogues - "The Rake at the Gates of Hell"
Jesse Dayton - "I'm at Home Getting Hammered (While She's Out Getting Nailed)"
Temple of the Dog - "Say Hello 2 Heaven"
Baltimora - "Tarzan Boy"
Funkadelic - "Maggot Brain"

*Played out of order than when it was referred to in my spiel because of technical difficulties.


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