Saturday, April 04, 2015

Nude Beach; White Hills; Jay Vons @ Bell House

Nude Beach; White Hills; The Jay Vons
@ Bell House
Brooklyn, NY - April 3, 2015

Nude Beach's '77 has been a rip-roaring soundtrack to the turn of the year. Just when once again it looked like rock n roll was done for good, a pack of whippersnappin' unkempt youngsters lit the flame under the rock n roll tush. Immediately utilizing but not ripping off Big Star, Costello, and Cheap Trick, Nude Beach are one of the last newer bands to revisit the power pop glory of a time gone by. And while the record does them justice, it also has a bit too many mellow points (channeling P. Westerberg's country bent no doubt). But live, it's all out fun. The band picks the right songs for the set and plays them as they should. "Yesterday" is an anthem, in words and sound, to be remembered for years to come. It gives the last of us rock n rollers something to hold.

Psychedelic metal is not my thing but if it's your thing then White Hills is for you. Though I do not think anyone should find interesting the video display behind the band's live performance - it's video of the two lead members staring at a camera and looking cool and ominous. Meh.

I saw the Jay Vons open for Tommy Stinson 4 years ago and it's wonderful that they are still around and still playing 60's soul and Motown pop with sincerity and affection. Don't ever break up, fellas.


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