Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Dickies @ Bowery Electric

The Dickies; Nancy; Atlantic Thrills
@ Bowery Electric
December 20, 2014 - New York, NY

"Is this your first time seeing the Dickies? This is my first time, I've been waiting my whole life" she said. She couldn't have been more than her early 20's, baby faced and innocent. Sounded like a California native, not a phony one like the kind who've taken over this town but a true laid back Golden Stater still not acclimated to our challenges below 40 degrees Farenheit.

I was honest about it - I had never even heard a Dickies recording until about a month ago. Sure I knew the band name in the index of West Coast Punk Rock History. But there hadn't been the right time for a listen. Then one night, while focused on finally taking in U.K. Subs and Cockney Rejects, I flipped the atlas back and got the stunner of the year. Dawn of the Dickies and the Incredible Shrinking Dickies (with bonus singles of course). I haven't stopped playing them since. And by astounding coincidence that same week I bought my first pair of Dickies pants. And by more astounding coincidence the following week I noticed the Dickies band were coming to town. So here I was. With innocent young displaced angels and old punk cranks getting into faux mosh pits and chivalrous misunderstandings that portended fisticuffs but instead brought gentlemanly apologies. Also older drunk punk ladies in cat eye glasses causing trouble by the stage.

In a way I'm surprised I like this band so much. I had my fill of La La La childlike escapism a long time ago. I also don't go for suburbany late 80's pop punk (Bad Religion gets a big pass, Rancid gets a limited pass). The Dickies came from the former and clearly helped spawn the latter. As the nexus, they make it work. Especially live. With all the instigating antics of Leonard Graves Phillips to boot. It's Stan Lee's licks above all that's the root of this.

Nancy went on after a 40 minute gap and played for 15 minutes. I think they are going for King Khan and BBQ but it's coming off like a Portlandia sketch. It's up to you if you take this description as a negative critique. You don't have to.

Atlantic Thrills from up Providence made a point of playing no two songs that sounded alike. The surf rock worked. So did the one that reminded me of the Soledad Brothers. Come back.


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