Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ladyhawk & Ladyhawke

Why does this happen? Why does there always seem to be a case where similarly named acts pop up at the same time? Of course, in the past, those stemmed from the explicable forms of imitation (use of "black" or all the animal names of the last few years) and the inexplicable (the "republic" craze of a few years ago). And sometimes there's just an odd cowinkydink (the Duke Spirit and the Delta Spirit). Here's another one:

Just weeks, maybe days, after discovering Ladyhawke - the disco-pop sensation with quite a personal story - I learned of Ladyhawk via Carrie Brownstein's recommendation on the NPR All Songs Considered Year in Review show. Pretty darn different sounding.

Personally, for my tastes these days, I'm going with the gal with the "e" on the end but the e-less Ladyhawk is nothing to necessarily sniff at. Below is the otherwise-named Pip Brown's video for her insatiably catchy "Paris is Burning":

She'll be on tour in Britain with the Ting Tings next month. What a hoppin' set of shows those will be.

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