Friday, March 07, 2008

The Pastrami Chronicles, Volume 1: The 2nd Ave Deli

Anyone who knows Pennypacker knows that, despite his efforts at slimming down and saving money, the classic pastrami on rye remains the biggest (though occasional) poison. It's just so good. So very good. There really is something almost erotic about the aroma coming from the meat. Seinfeld was onto something.

The 2nd Ave Deli arguably reigned supreme in the pastrami wars for generations. But then it closed up. Now it's back (on toity toid and toid) and the pastrami tastes better than ever, breaking the brief reign held by, of all places, the Carnegie Deli (a non-Kosher pastrami on rye at number 1 was unthinkable yet it happened). The meat is a bit fatty but the juices flow all over the meat without getting off the rye. The spices are perfect. The meat is tender. You do not need mustard (unlike with the Katz's Deli sandwich).

And what else does the 2nd Ave Deli have over the competition (besides blessing from a higher authority, presumably)? The best matzo ball soup in the world. How does Pennypacker know? It's the only matzo ball soup to taste as close to his Bubbe's soup as any soup could.

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