Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dave Raven; No E6 Review; So Long Ike

  • Dave Raven, the fabulously voiced host of the Raven n' the Blues on BFBS Radio 2, heard here as a podcast, suffered a stroke last week. But this week he got on the netwaves and sent a notice out to everyone. With slurred speech, and a weak state of mind, he still managed to get on the air, if only to let us all know what happened and that he'll be back in short order. Send your thoughts and well wishes to Dave via his website.
  • It's terrible how sudden these things can be...and sudden family medical developments at the Pennypacker ranch have led to changes in schedule and the result is that there will be no review of tonight's Electric Six free show at Southpaw.
  • Ike Turner was an abusive, nasty bit of shit. But he also wrote and recorded one of the songs that lays claim to the First Ever Rock n' Roll song title, "Rocket 88":

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